The Final Book of the Rossini Trilogy

by Rosemary Dronchi

Memorable characters and historical accuracy.

rosemary-dronchi-presents-redemption.jpgAuthor Rosemary Dronchi's third novel of The rossini Trilogy brings to life heroic fictional characters intermingled with equally brave historical figures who defined the events that ensnared the Untied States in the Great Depression and subsequently World War II.

Redemption focuses on the spirit and loyalty of Italian immigrants to the United States during times of economic hardships and wartime when many were confined to American internment camps. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, other Italians, Jews, and Catholics alike are sent to their deaths in Nazi concentration camps.

This fast-paced story of twin brothers, Carlo and Agostino Rossini, separated at birth and then pitted against one another by their heartless father, finds them reunited to fight for the Allies against the evil of Hitler and Mussolini.

Beautifully written characters, real and fictional, are heart-breakingly memorable, while the author's attention to historical accuracy elevates this novel to noteworthy heights.