Mary Davis presenting Every Day Spirit
A Daybook Of Wisdom, Joy, and Peace

Rich River Publishing Co.
Thursday, February 7th at 6 pm

mary-davis-presents-every-day-spirit.jpgIn an effort to heal from the difficult end of her twenty year marriage, author Mary Davis spent a year of solitude in the isolation of a cabin near the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Each morning after meditating and communing with nature, she wrote an inspirational reflection. The result is a
collection of stories, lessons, practices and prayers that make up Every Day Spirit: A Daybook of Wisdom, Joy and Peace.

Every Day Spirit takes the reader on a daily spiritual journey of finding joy and
gratitude in simple things, peace and comfort even in the midst of chaos, and a
deeper love for others through kindness, compassion and service. Along with an
inspirational quote and message for each day of the year, there is a section that
suggests how we might practice that message in the world, as well as an
affirmation that can be used for encouragement throughout the day.

The reflections make an arc throughout the year as the readers’ challenges, along with Mary’s, are viewed through the eyes of simple and practical spiritual
practices. The beauty of nature and the gift of small blessings become lessons in gratitude, balance, meditation, faith, forgiveness, and self-love. Mary reminds the reader that healing and peace are found right where we are. Every day.

Mary shares, “Everything in these pages already exists inside of you. But each
day’s thought will offer some bit of hope, some guidance for your next step, some love that thaws the heart for new life, some wisdom that awakens your soul.” In addition to her spiritual blog and five years of daily inspirational posts on social media, Mary is a bereavement counselor, working with parents who have lost children and in hospice care. She now has a house by the sea and lives a contemplative life in harmony with nature.