Jennifer Hawthorne presents Life As A Prayer
A Poetry Collection

Wednesday, October 30th at 6 pm

Jennifer-Hawthorne-presents-Life-As-A-Prayer.jpgIn her first book of poems, #1 New York Times best-selling author Jennifer Read Hawthorne writes about growing up in Louisiana, transformation, extraordinary spiritual events and experiences, finding the light in darkness and the divine in all things, and the joy of simple living.

Comments from readers:

"Your voice carried me to another time, another life. I was wrapped in a warm southern cocoon in the early poems and then I watched from Heaven as you found your soul and shared your essence with a friend . . . Thank you for touching my life with beauty, and grace, and meaning."—LD, Louisville, KY

"I’ve read your book several times and just love it! Your language and images are gorgeous and I love learning about your journey through life."—AM, San Francisco, CA

"A feast. Thanks for inviting me to put my feet under your table."—JK, Charlottesville, VA

"I love every word. Unexpected truths; wide-open heart; beauty on every line."—CB, Fairfield, IA