CK Westbrook presents The Shooting (The Impact Series)

Wednesday, April 5 at 6 p.m.

Life will never be the same for Kate.

the-shooting-cover.jpgAfter almost every gun owner worldwide turns their weapon on themselves in a terrifying fifteen minute window, Kate Stellute, like the rest of the population, searches for answers. The mass-shooting is so enormous in scale and diabolical, no one can figure out who or what caused it, but after a bizarre encounter with an otherworldly stranger, Kate suddenly finds herself the government's prime suspect.

A mid-level program analyst for Space Force and proud rule follower her entire life, a confused Kate doesn't know where to turn. She puts trust in a neighbor, NASA biophysicist Sinclair, and with their combined background, they race to unravel the truth before an angry mob closes in.
Kate knows she must formulate a plan to appease the otherworldly stranger, keep herself out of prison, and save the world from more violence...but is she already too late?