AJ Tata Presenting The Phalanx Code

Tuesday, February 27th at 6 pm


Garrett Sinclair escapes from prison to rescue his team from the manipulations of two tech moguls and learns of a devastating family secret in the process.

Influential tech magnate Mitch Drewson calls on Sinclair and the Dagger team to protect his Project Optimus. An ambitious endeavor to empower citizens to protect financial and personal data in the face of increasingly authoritarian federal governments, Project Optimus is a threat to Aurelius Blanc’s Phalanx Corporation. Blanc’s data collection and media application is enabling a global security state through partnerships with the major industrialized nations, creating a technofascism that monitors the activity of everyone with a smartphone, tablet, computer, or any web connected device.

When Phalanx assassin squads overrun an Optimus server farm in California and attack an Optimus coder named Blair Campbell, Sinclair must deploy the troops that Drewson has marshalled to save Blair and protect the remainder of the Optimus team so they can finish their important work—which includes deciphering the mysterious Phalanx Code, suspected to be Phalanx’ kill list of Optimus employees.

With Phalanx squads hunting him and those he loves, Sinclair must determine who he can trust while a part of his past comes back to haunt him and threaten everything he holds dear. Nonstop action and authentic detail makes this the strongest entry yet in the thrilling Garrett Sinclair series.